As the darkest shade of blue fell down,
To touch the earth and hide the ground,
The moon came in with all her grace,
Tiny stars fell in place…

A gloomy sky it was, with a misty vein,
A tranquil street and a serene lane,
Fireflies flickering on top of trees,
The wind was singing through the leaves…

Mighty structures stood in rows,
People there all in a doze,
Miles away trains went by,
Their rating sound like a faded cry…

And when the gloom was dying away,
There was approaching a new day,
With the rising sun and the time to strive,
With the foggy dawn and the deary life…

Darkness and solitude.

As Loneliness stretched its arms
And engulfed me in impenetrable darkness
The inexorable melancholia rose
through the mask of my long-lost wistful happiness.

“I am your friend,” it said,
“Embrace me with open arms;
Love, Friendship? Those impostors
will lead you to annihilation.”

I felt the darkness devour
the bit of joy left in me
As the scars of Love burned my heart
into ashes that sunk in the sea.

Suddenly I saw a light
that blazed like the summer sun
And waded through the darkness
And picked me up in its arms.

Hope will keep you alive”,
it whispered to me;
And the tight clench of Loneliness
loosened and let me be.