New York.

IMG_20150320_123705New York.

I’m in love with you even though you aren’t mine, the same way something has to be, that belongs to me because I belong to it. When sunshine falls on your glass walls and lights you up in a sheen that can hardly be matched, and when the setting sun kindles your twinkling lights, it sends ripples of fantasy through me. You’re a dream I have every night, a paradise where my lost soul seeks solace. I romanticize you out of proportion. And in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in life and in death, I’ll seek you and I’ll keep coming back to you.

New York, I miss you.




Reality scared him like thunder scared the child he used to be, and her smile made his heart soar, tumble and freewheel like the first rainbow he saw that painted the sky in its own whim after the storm. As her laughter rippled through him like a harmony, he realized how he fell through depths that soared through infinities in what they called love. For her love fell like the summer rain on his pain-scorched heart.