March and me.

March was a pretty eventful month.
My Board exams ended by the first week. Such excitement, much hype. Spring had just started to set in, the trees just started to blossom. And on a beautiful moonlit night, I broke  a wonderful friendship. Ah, life and its quirks.
Truth be told, it wasn’t working out anyway. What’s the point of having a special bond with someone you get in fights with at a drop of a hat?
Okay. Enough.
I had some wonderful moments too. Random meetup with my best friends. Laughter, gossip, heart-to-heart conversations. Ah, girlfriends can be so comforting at times. Outings with a new friend. Chit chats and small talk.
Then some retail therapy, new books, new music, new friends. What more does a girl need? 🙂

I think I am flowering into a woman.
I can feel myself changing. I don’t know whether it’s for the better, or for worse. I don’t care, really. My exuberance is giving way to a more contemplative me.
I can sense the change in my perceptions on life, love, friendship, family bonds. Delving deep into these matters and trying to make sense out of them. Reading stories weaved in the fine complexities of life. Going through my past and laughing about those useless things that once made me cry my heart out.

Maybe its just me. Or maybe it’s just my utter joblessness.